Friday, October 31, 2014

a brief introduction

Fundamentals of Dispensational Truth

Charles H. Welch

a series of study in The Berean Expositor starting at volume vi. (1916) to volume xl. (1959-1960), a more than forty-four year endeavour.

i will try to compile the whole series, hope i can finish until the very last page.  for me this great work can be equaled to any commentary of the whole Bible, with different translations or versions being compared, with each complimenting the other.  a lot of different topical study are being tackled by chw, and that with the Scripture rightly-divided.

it is a very tedious exposition from Genesis to Revelation with the exception of the seven post Acts xxviii. 28 epistles because the seven "captivity" epistles has their own individual exposition namely Ephesians "In Heavenly Places" (expounded twice by chw in The Berean Expositor under the heading "Studies in the epistles of Mystery" & "EPHESIANS"), Philippians "Prize of the High Calling", etc.